You are a Human Resources Director during a period of merger



You are thinking… !

 My action scope is wide : Job management, Ability management, Career management, Risk management, communication, managers' backup.

 I have a part to play for the new entity to create its own business culture.

 I have to face powerful trade unions which might be a brake to the process and give rise to doubts among teams.

 My Managing Director cannot notice  or do everything, my job is to provide backup.

 I will listen to the employees during this  period of uncertainty and my duty is to avoid staff losses.

 The intercultural factor and human aspect should be taken into account.

  It is up to me to lead my Management to be sensitive to the critical  points and to realize the impacts of a merger on staff.


You are asking to yourself….  ?

 Who will be the pilot of the operation ? Who will be part of the pilot committee on both sides of the merger ? 

 How to encourage all staff to remain with the business ? Is it enough to only get managers' agreement ? 

 How many additional resources will be given to me to lead all the new tasks ? 

 How to reassure  teams ? 

 Among managers, who feels at ease with intercultural relations ? How to deal with it ? What should I start with ?

 How to keep on board  the staff with key abilities ? How to measure risks  ?   

 Which communication policy should be set up ? Externally, internally ? 

 And if I cannot manage  it all , what can I do and how ?