Through behaviours, communication, intuition, emotions, indviduals collect and activate all intelligences. Whatever the kind of intelligence, cultural, emotional, intuitive, collaborative, relational, spiritual, participative, or all together, intelligence is really the main tool to be used.

3iD Coaching© uses all the usual techniques in coaching, and also the techniques in relation with:

► COF Test* , Cultural Orientation Framework by Philippe Rosinski.

► The D.A.D.A© process** through various practical exercices and workshops

► Transactional analysis (TA)

► Neuro-linguistic Programmation (NLP)

► Non-violent Communication (NVC)


* COF - this test  points out the particularities of a culture according to about 10 criterias and allows to see how people can take benefit of it, turning differences into forces and assets.        

** D.A.D.A© process is a registered and protected, it is explained during the first interview.