You are an Agent working for an Investment fund


You are thinking…. !

 This is an investment that we wish to reach in a medium term, it means over 5 to 6 years.

 We are lucky as we are very familiar with this kind activity.

 Beyond a financial support, we also bring   organisational and strategic support, this is undisputable.

 To gain our customers confidence is high priority.

 This is a capital-development operation as the company needs this external growth abroad to progress.

 The quality of the relationship with the managing team is very important, as well as the mutual confidence that we need, to be successful in this operation of acquisition.


You are asking to yourself…. ?

 Who are the key people in both units ?

 In an intercultural background, how will we get the adhesion of each for the benefit of all ?

 What do we need to build up cohesion, partnership, collaboration from both sides

 How will the business be profitable ? how will we get a ROI (Retun On Investment) rapidly ?

 How is it possible to build up a solid and fair relation with the current managing directors ? 

 Can we work together on this new strategy and to which extend can we get involved ?