Test your Humanistic Intelligence, determine what your Human Quotient is and make of your M&A a success story

3iD CoachinG - M&A Specialist in an intercultural environment


M&A Specialist in an intercultural environment


This website is dedicated to any natural or legal person (international groups, SME, SMI, Managing Directors, Human Resources Director,  Investment funds, public or private organizations),  aiming to be successful during their M&A operation in an  intercultural environment.

In France, in 2016, the rate of failures in M&A was  50 to 70% and the recent  studies still assess  the rate remaining at about 50%. 

As a matter of fact, the reasons for failure are identified. Such as inaccurate and incomplete "Due diligence", risky financial settlements, as examples.

Essentially, the human factor was identified as being the determinizing factor to achieve a successful  M&A operation.

3iD Coaching© works together with executive committees, managers,  teams and individuals during the transition phase. This framework is essential and complimentary to the financial, legal analysis and to the market research conducted beforehand.

A successful operation can only be achieved by taking into account all the parameters in relation to it.