Jacques Grimaldi

Jacques Grimaldi
Profesional Coach, Partner


Jacques Grimaldi is a twice graduated Professional Coach, the first is a Business Coach degree, level 1. Secondly he has a Masters 2 Degree in social and health policy.

He gained his experience in the medico-social services field and for many years worked as an Executive Manager , and was in charge of missions in France and  Scandinavia.

In parallel, he collaborated with the university and the chamber of commerce of Oslo about training for Norwegian Managing Directors and CEO for professional stays in France : language courses, french daylife and culture knowledge.

This personal and professional experience allowed him to gain a high capacity of adaptability to heterogeneous cultural environments, the taste for interchanges and intercultural relations. He could also speak fluent English and Norwegian and build up important professional and personal webs in Scandinavia.

Jacques developed his own activity as a coach for the medico-social field (Change-2-be) and is a Consultant-Coach-Trainer  for private companies, for public local or national entities, and for Managers in the medico-social sector.

He is currently working on projects concerning  international mobility with High Schools in the region of Lyon, France, and organizes « benchmarking » stays in Scandinavia.

His training, experience, and his immersion into the intercultural world lead him naturally to this passionate work as a Coach partner for 3iD Coaching©.