Merger & Acquisition, what about if You get the solution?

CEO, Managing Director, Human Resources Director, Agent working for an Investment fund, nobody can ignore that the M&A period is an important change. An upheaval which concerns the entire staff of an organization.

By nature, man resists changes and is afraid of what is unknown. To step out of one’s comfort zone is not easy. It is necessary to grieve a situation of the past to welcome a new one.

Even if,  in most cases, the operation is really saving a critical or delicate financial situation, or is due to set up the company in a dedicated field thanks to an external growth, the human factor remains decisive for the operation to be successful, a poor apprehension or clumsy management could be fatal.

Without the complete and full individual’s involvement and collaboration, i.e. Management Committees, Managers, teams, the operation can lead to failure.  

To make things clearer for you...