Lionel Lorgnier

Lionel Lorgnier
Profesional Coach, Partner

Lionel’s professional experience shows three particularities ;  intercultural environmenthuman resources management and mass distribution.

Lionel is a Professional Coach (RNCP Niveau 1) and Human Resources graduate. His career lead him to become specialized in the mass market field. In this context, he held various positions in the most prominent company brands such as  Auchan, Leclerc, Euromarché.

Very quickly, his personal experience favoured contacts with people of different origins and cultures, either in his family professional background or through sport activities, ( especially as an international  racing cyclist)  or through his Russian wife. Lionel is drawn towards other people whatever culture, life traditions and habits.

Thanks to his professional experience focused on human resources, he is interested in "what's going on" and "how it is going on", beyond his own country. 

Consequently, in his position of Human Resources Manager and through  supermarket establishments  he had the opportunity to visit several countries such as Croatia, Portugal, the Netherlands and United Kingdom  

He speaks fluent French, English and Serbo-Croatian.

 As a matter of fact, Lionel did not become  a Professional Coach by chance but thanks to his willingness to be of service to others.. Joining   3iD Coaching©  was  an obvious choice for him, together with the wish to meet and favour cultural interconnections, to focus on  company profitability  by means of its internal wealth, human beings.