Christophe Chesneau

Christophe Chesneau
Profesional Coach, Partner


As a State Certified Coach and an Engineer, Christophe is a specialist  in telecommunications, particularly for mobile telephony and computer systems. His career led him to positions such as Project Manager, Operations Manager on a worldwide basis.

Thereafter, progressing to  leadership for complex computer programs and profit center management for different companies, i.e startups and groups (Nokia, F-Secure), in fields such as energy, information systems for telecommunications, and integrated system, Christophe co-founded a start-up company related to a service on mobiles for parents.

He is passionate for music, sport and travel, as this favours new discoveries and cultural interchanges. He plays several different musical instruments and even if he doesn’t practice sport on a national level anymore, he remains very keen on martial arts and sliding sports.

Christophe is really passionate about bringing continuous improvement  focusing on operational excellence, on  people and teams’s well-being inside multicultural and international environments. He is available to share his experience, his ability for listening, and his passions. Christophe is daily involved with others, he always manages to optimize potentials, to guide them in their search for a healthy balance, and performance in their job. The aim is to help them to build a pleasurable future, and   the reason for his involvement with 3iD Coaching©.