You are a CEO, a Managing Director expecting an acquisition


You are thinking…. !

 I wish to ensure that  my company will be secure in the future and I wish to reinforce my position to competitors.

 I think that this evolution is a good deal for the company.

 I know that this new entity will allow synergies, complementarities, innovations..

 I am convinced that this acquisition will promote our name and our professionalism in our field  and will therefore become essential.

 With this invest  abroad, I help my company to grow to the highest level among the worldwide well-known international companies.

 The operation should run speedily and also be well organized.

  I must find time to prepare the process, to plan things  methodically

 I will put myself in the position of most influential CEO in our field of activity.


You are asking yourself…. ?

 What is the future for this company and how will it be positioned within five years? Where do I really want to lead it ?

 Do all my collaborators respect my project ? How to make sure ?

 What about if I were wrong? What might happen ? Which risks am I going to make the company take ?  Am I not too confident in my last successes ?

 How will I find time to control and master everything ? How to keep control and lead the operation meanwhile ?

 Which tasks can I delegate to whom ?

 How long will it take to lead this acquisition to conclusion and how long will it take to measure the results of it ?

 What could make the operation fail ?

 Why couldn't I be the one ?