To accompany organizations during the M&A period, certainly requires particular technical abilities and a specific knowledge. This is the reason  our team consists exclusively of State Professional Coaches, RNCP Level 1. (French reference)

The team  enriched itself with personal professional experiences, in very different fields of activity such as Packaging for Beauty & HealthHuman Resources, Socio-Medical, Computer systems, Journalism.

Each member of the team speaks fluent English and brings a particularity thanks to Spanish, German, Norwegian, Serbo-Croatian.


Laurence Blanchet

Professional & Business Coach RNCP, 3iD Coaching© Founder

Consultant-Expert in organisation, a specialist in intercultural environments during M&A.
Last experiences as a Commercial & Managing Director, an Office Manager, expert in Health & Beauty Packaging Industry.
Speaks fluent French as mother tongue, English, Spanish and German.

Christophe Chesneau

Professional Coach RNCP

Last experiences as an Engineer, a Project Manager, an Operation Manager, an expert in telecommunications, information and development systems. 
Speaks fluent French as mother tongue, English.

Lara Fernandez

Professional Coach RNCP

Last experience as a journalist and in media.
Speaks fluent Spanish as mother tongue, French, English.

Jacques Grimaldi

Professional & Business Coach RNCP

Last experiences as an expert in medico-social fields and in scandinavian countries.
Speaks French as mother tongue, English  and Norwegian.

Lionel Lorgnier

Professional  Coach RNCP

Last experiences as a Human Resources Manager,  an expert in mass market field.
Speaks fluent French as mother tongue, English and Serbo-Croatian.