Test your Humanistic Intelligence, determine what your Human Quotient is and make of your M&A a success story

What is Humanistic Intelligence (Intelligence Humaniste ©)?
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What is your "Human Quotient" ?


Answer the questions by selecting the answer you think is the most appropriate

1: You have heard that some key people of the company in which you invested have resigned:

2: A strike occurs while a merger is announced:

3: Since the merger with a sister company, the number of work stoppages has steadily increased:

4: The new acquisition will change the profile of some positions and it will be necessary to adapt new corresponding profiles:

5: There are always psycho-social risks during a merger:

6: The current M&A operation has a strong intercultural component:

7: The management committee has a key role after the operation:

8: Your French group buys a small Spanish family company, it was one of your customers:

9: In order for the merger to go on properly, the pilot committee will rely on managers to respect the decisions which have been taken:

10: Acquisition lets the opportunity to revew some staff benefits:

11: You will merge two entities in your group and consequently certain positions will be streamlined:

12: Your acquisition requires a be better collaboration of teams than your previous experience:

13: The operation in which you invest represents high economic stakes:

14: Your "private equity" in this company leads to restructuring:

15: Your SME in Lille buys a small family structure in the south of France whose jobs are very complementary:

:  / 150



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